'Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. '

Silversea Cruises are synonymous with ultra-luxury voyages in lavish surroundings and spacious accommodation. Their ocean-view suites include a butler, and most have a private veranda. Travelling to 900 worldwide destinations. Explore the Galapagos aboard their first purpose-built ship, the Silver Origin. This vessel is small and sleek with only 100 passengers, allowing guests to connect with the awe and wonder of the Galapagos. Try spotting Dolphins on the Stargazing deck by day and constellations and lava flows by night, or basecamp, where the crew runs seamlessly smooth operations for getting passengers into Zodiacs for deep-water snorkelling, sea kayaking, and hiking on the islands.

Or how about Cruising with Silversea in ultimate luxury to Africa and the Indian Ocean and encounter giant tortoises in the Seychelles at Aldabra, visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Zanzibar, or simply relax on the beautiful beaches of Madagascar. The South Pacific Islands, remote and renowned for teeming with the most colourful marine life, brimming diversity and jaw-droppingly beauty, have been inspiring travellers for years and continue to be one of the world’s most captivating destinations.

All Aboard for a journey of discovery as you experience diverse destinations, delve into rich cultures, and enjoy impeccable service during one luxurious voyage. There has never been a better time to wake up in some of the world’s most beautiful and awe inspiring destinations aboard luxurious ships that endeavour to cater to your every need.

Over the last decade, cruising has grown enormously with hundreds of voyages regularly transporting passengers to nearly every corner of the globe: visiting the remote South Pacific and the islands of the Caribbean, sailing around the Cape Peninsula, through the Panama Canal and up and down the Mediterranean Sea. There is now a route, and a cruise line, for every type of traveller. But for many seasoned cruisers, The World Voyage by Cunard is still the grand dame of transatlantic travel.

A Cunard World Voyage brings the globe’s most incredible destinations to your door, with brilliant guest speakers , world class entertainers, gourmet dishes that that embrace the colour and texture of the places you’ll visit  plus an enviable level of service. From 2024 they will be sailing the four Queens: Queen Mary 2Queen VictoriaQueen Elizabeth, and the brand new Queen Anne to the four corners of the world.

River Cruising is all about enjoying life at a slower pace, exploring the history, culture, cuisine, and natural landscape of a region as you meander gently past towns, meadows, farms and vineyards. Rivers have always provided essential passage across entire continents, and it’s often along their banks that the greatest cities of civilisation have grown. 

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Have you ever dreamed of drifting down the backwaters of Kerala on an India in a rice barge? Sailing on a dahabiya houseboat to the Valley of the Kings? Imagined meandering through the meltwaters of the mighty Mekong or seeing the Big Five coasting the Chobe river in Botswana. How about waltzing down the Danube across Eastern Europe, sampling the elixirs of Bordeaux as you float through rolling countryside to St Emilion, Bergerac and Cadillacs or succumb to the rugged seclusion and natural beauty of the Sottish Isles. River cruises offer a relaxed, luxurious and alternative way of seeing the world, taking you in splendour to places that roads and larger cruise ships simply cannot go.