Once in a lifetime

'All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us. '

Life is for living so why not look for something special when celebrating milestone birthdays or anniversaries? Or even better just celebrate being alive

Borneo Tour… Connect with your inner animal on a 12-day journey into the unusual and awe-inspiring landscapes of Borneo.

Experience the otherworldly limestone cliffs of Mulu National Park and its famed bat exodus; encounter the orangutans of Sepilok; set off on a river cruise in search of elusive Bornean pygmy elephants; and discover the Lipad mud volcano, a mineral salt lick for local wildlife.

Hunting Northern Lights… From late autumn to early spring the northern skies come alive with the flickering neon ribbons of the aurora borealis – the elusive northern lights which captivate both travellers and scientists alike. Caused by the collision of energetic charged particles with atoms in the high altitude atmosphere, the result is a magical light show and once-in-a-lifetime travel experience.

Choose from a number of aurora borealis hunting experiences, from a fly drive to a cruise and across a number of locations.

Our current favourite is Igloos & Auroras a 4 Day Tour – Spending an incredible few days enjoying the northern lights and the nature of Lapland. Located on the Arctic Circle, the Snow Hotel and glass igloos are set amongst fields of snow and miles of pine trees, far enough from the light pollution of nearby Rovaniemi. The glass igloos are part of the Snow Hotel retreat, built each winter housing a variety of rooms, an ice bar and even an ice restaurant

Galapagos Six Star Cruise … Join the most luxurious cruise experience available. Every single detail is taken care of – all flights, transfers and tips are included in the price. There’s even a pre-departure hotel stay, so you’re rested and relaxed before your adventure and ready to enjoy the great shore excursions