About Us

"Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller."

We are an independent luxury travel company based in Hampshire, with extensive knowledge and expertise in the travel industry. We can offer our clients an eclectic collection of bespoke luxury holidays and tailor-made experiences worldwide, from exotic beach getaways, luxury cruising and culture orientated city breaks to guided tours and adventures.

At Authentic Travel, we recognise that time is precious and that holidays are an opportunity to reconnect with each other and your surroundings. We are dedicated to delivering an exceptional experience that will stay with you long after returning home.


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Jane Middleton

Jane has had the travel bug since she was four years old and lucky enough to have parents that loved to travel. Her successful career as an accountant for a global organisation allowed her to travel extensively, explore exotic places, meet new people and experience diverse cultures. “The excitement and experiences of my travels have stayed with me and I would love to share this passion with you to help you realise your dream holidays.”

We passionately believe that travel should enhance your life experiences and the lives of the locals you meet on your travels; we actively seek out local producers and artisans that our clients may wish to support.

For example, Local Keep, an independent company in Costa Rica that promotes local traders believes, “Travelers and adventurers alike look for the same thing wherever they go: to experience the truthfulness of each country they visit,” a sentiment we endorse entirely.

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