Travel Tips

International travel appears increasingly complicated, and every day there seems to be more travel uncertainty at airports, and ports, all exacerbated by rail strikes. Yet, there is still something magical and exciting about going on your hols…soaking up the sun, experiencing new people, places and, of course, cuisines.

There are definitely steps that can be taken to mitigate the red tape and uncertainty. These steps may save you time and money and reduce some of the stress associated with international travel in 2022.

Develop a relationship with your Travel Agent

It is always worth developing a relationship with your travel agent, especially as travelling abroad in 2022 is subject to change and cancellation at a moment’s notice. Having someone to assist at the end of a phone, rather than the frustration of dealing with a robot or email address, with the ability to rebook flights and hotels or offer advice is priceless.

Booking independently or online might save a few quid but could be more expensive in the long run. A good agent will be abreast of all current travel restrictions to your chosen destination. Be able to advise on entry requirements, including necessary vaccinations and visas. Also, belonging to a professional organisation such as ABTA provides protection and security.

Did you know that 70% of available holidays are never advertised? Therefore, your travel agent is also a valuable source of information when deciding where to go. In addition, they can offer alternatives and price comparisons not available online. By working with partners who have in-depth knowledge of your chosen destination they can provide expert information, tours and advice, you can travel confidently, leaving your stresses at home, which, let’s be honest: is the whole point of going on holiday.

Book Early

It is never too early to start planning your holiday, and the earlier you talk to your travel agent, the more choice and flexibility you will be offered. Plus, on the whole, travelling abroad continues to be costed on supply and demand, the school holidays being a prime example. In addition, reduced capacity not only means you may not get your first choice hotel or flight but also pushes up costs. Therefore, booking your holiday well in advance remains the most cost-effective way to travel and avoid compromise. 

We have all read the recent press about flight cancellations and reduced airline capacity, all of which are true. Speak to your travel agent and get the best advice on the most reliable and cost-effective carriers operating the routes to your chosen destination.

Book Travel Insurance Early

Travel without holiday insurance is never a good idea, especially in the current climate. But it is also sensible to book your travel insurance early as many things that can go wrong, may do so before you travel. Once you pay your deposit ensure you are covered, especially if it’s a rather large amount of money.

Be Flexible

Flexibility is easier the earlier you book when there is more availability. Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday remains the cheapest days to fly. If you can structure your travel schedule around these days, you should save money and have a less hectic airport experience.

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