Featured in Henley Life

Proud to have been featured in this month’s issue of Henley Life magazine.  Henley Life asked us all about how Authentic Travel Company has evolved and the type of bespoke luxury travel services we provide.  Below is a copy of the interview

The Authentic Travel Company was launched four years ago by Jane Middleton and Patricia Frost and is now based in Thames Side, Henley.

The holidays it offers are designed to broaden the mind through authentic experiences, whether it’s a safari in Botswana or watching the Northern Lights from an igloo in Greenland. It also has a sister company Authentic Sports Company, which organises immersive sports experiences that include meeting sports personalities.


AMANDA STEWART from Henley Life asked them more…


Who is involved in the business?

Jane and Patricia run the luxury travel company and Luke Frost heads the luxury sports, Nick Lockett manages our marketing and business development.

How did you meet?

We were introduced by Annie Haimes, of Anne Haimes Interiors, at a networking event in Henley. Patricia was introduced to Nick at Leander Club during Henley Royal Regatta. He had just returned to the UK from France.  Luke joined the team after a six-month jaunt from Canada to Central America.

How do you operate?

We don’t subscribe to traditional working hours as it is not viable.  When our clients are travelling, we endeavour to be available and mediums such as WhatsApp make this much easier.  

Did you always want to be in the travel industry? 

Jane: “I had a successful career as a chief financial officer for a multi-national corporation which involved travelling extensively.  As a result, I yearned for more authentic, immersive holidays that delved into the culture and biodiversity of the countries I visited.” 

Patricia: “I had a career in client corporate services, where hospitality and meticulous attention to detail are imperative. I travelled extensively with young children and was always keen for the family to travel, not just tour. I wanted to engage in the essence of the places, meeting people and eating the cuisine. These were much more enriching and memorable experiences, which the family reminisce about.”

What makes you different as travel agents?

Our mantra is trust, travel, explore. More than 80 per cent of our clients are repeat customers who to trust us to deliver time and again. Sometimes they come to us with just a vague idea, concept or wish list and using our extensive knowledge and expertise, we can translate this into a truly authentic holiday experience.

Where are your favourite places to travel to?

Jane: “India, when I was lucky enough to visit during the festival of Diwali. To be immersed in the culture, colour and aroma of this incredible country was a life-changing experience.”

Patricia: “Africa. To go on safari was a lifelong dream which I realised on a family a trip to the Maasai Mara. Staying in a tented camp brought the biodiversity and atmosphere of this dynamic destination to life. I remember being surprised by the vibrations I felt when the lions let their presence be known and by the majesty of the matriarchal elephants.”

Both directors would like to visit Antarctica.

What are the benefits of using a travel advisor?

As a luxury travel company, we reflect the character of our home town, Henley on Thames. We deliver good old-fashioned qualities such as first-class service and authenticity while continually seeking new destinations and experiences for our clients.  

There are many benefits to forming a relationship with your travel agent- 70 per cent of holidays available are never advertised and with our wealth of knowledge and expertise, we are able to curate the perfect getaway.

Why choose Authentic?

We are a company that is customer-focused, delivering new and exciting destinations and authentic experiences. Our knowledge and expertise allow us to curate holidays that dreams are made of, transforming tourists to travellers and visitors to explorers.

Whilst Authentic Sports is focused on delivering the adrenalin-fuelled excitement and atmosphere that only sporting events provide. We specialise in sourcing exclusive, thrilling and fully immersive sporting experiences.

Authentic Travel is an independent travel agent specialising in luxury bespoke holiday and tours. We are always happy to have a chat about the hottest trends in travel, and together discover your tailor made tour, holiday or short city break. 

Contact us for more information, or feel free to give us a call on 01491 417 046 / 07971 568165. Or email us on [email protected]